Developing Mental Toughness Book


Coaching Strategies to Improve Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing

By Peter Clough & Doug Strycharczyk



About the book

Mental toughness is about how effectively individuals deal with stress, pressure and challenge. It is rooted in the notion of resilience but moves beyond this by adding ideas from the world of positive psychology. The result is a complete process which is highly applicable and measurable. Tracing its development from sports psychology into business, health and education sectors, Developing Mental Toughness was the first book to look at applications at the organizational level and to provide a reliable psychometric measure.

The new edition of Developing Mental Toughness includes greater coverage of how mental toughness relates to other behaviours and can be applied to leadership, creativity, emotional intelligence, and motivation. It also looks at its applications in employability and entrepreneurship, and has expanded coverage of coaching for mental toughness. Written for anyone coaching individuals and teams for improved performance, the book contains practical guidance and techniques, exercises, case studies and the Mental Toughness self-assessment tool, all reflecting the exciting developments in this field over the last five years.


I often ask the question why do some people, businesses and cultures have the ability to cope and adapt through change better than others? Developing Mental Toughness talks simply about the habits and behaviours that can be developed to better prepare for change and ensure you remain in control and resilient through the unplanned hurdles that are inevitable during our lives. In my opinion this is a must read book if you wish to enhance your own wellbeing and ability to deal with life.
Charlotte Bosworth, Director of Skills and Employment, Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations Board

This is a timely and valuable addition for anyone involved in people development particularly in times of rapid change and challenge.
Neil Scales, Director-General, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government, Australia

A great many today are concerned with the twin goals of resilience and positive psychology to deal with the challenge of the 21st Century.This book offers the potential to solve this recurrent problem facing today’s organisations.
Dr Neil Wooding, Director, Business Services and Delivery, Office for National Statistics. UK

Our business employs approximately 1600 people from more than 60 nationalities. They need to perform and enjoy doing their role in a challenging and exciting environment. The mental toughness model is an extremely important factor in achieving this.
Alia Al Serkal, Senior Director Talent Management, Human Capital & Administration, Du Telecom, UAE

Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk have provided an excellent guide to the subject [which]…will be of great interest to all managers and coaches aiming to develop individuals… at all levels of any organisation.
David Stephens, CMI Book Reviewer

Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk have provided an excellent guide to the subject. Developing Mental Toughness…. will be of great interest to all managers and coaches aiming to develop individuals.
David Stephens, CMI Book Reviewer


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